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Cyprus as a business jurisdinction

The republic of Cyprus has long been established as a trust worthy and reputable business and financial center. 
Being a member of the European Union and the Euro-zone in conjunction with the fact that it offers the lowest corporate income tax burden among the EU countries, the island currently presents a number of opportunities to international investors and business people.
Cyprus premium location in the North-East end of the Mediterranean Sea provides a strategic access point to Europe, Asia and Africa and the perfect gateway for modern businesses to penetrate new markets.
Registration of one of the main types of Cyprus companies and the use of it in international tax structures will enable investors and business people minimize their tax burden.
Some of many benefits currently enjoyed by Cyprus registered companies include the following:
10% flat corporate tax rate
a wide network of Double Tax Treaties
an excellent and comprehensive corporate business services network comprising of accounting, legal and banking services offered by high caliber staff
use of the economic relations which Cyprus has in place with the world’s major economies such as Russian Federation, China, India, USA and the UK. 
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